1. Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant: Located in Sunnyvale. This is the perfect place to try Yue seafood dishes and Dim Sum. They do it the traditional way by pushing carts.
  2. Lei Garden: Located in Cupertino. This is the place I go to for Yue Dishes and Dim Sum. Their signature fried rice is really good and is fairly grounded during weekends so come here early.
  3. Ming Tasty: Located in Sunnyvale. Their Yue food is decent but not the best. However, they have Hong Kong’s signature egg puff and it taste way better than the ones at Quicklys.
  4. Local Cafe: Located in Cupertino. Good place to snack or have an afternoon tea. It is a Cha Chan Tang style cafe and they serve authentic Hong Kong Milk Tea and Lemon Tea.
  5. Cooking Papa: Located in Santa Clara. Well known authentic Yue food in the Area. The price per portion is slightly smaller than their other ones but they sell Mooncakes and Zongzi during the festival times.

Reference: Personal Preference