Hong Kong Yue Cuisines

When people talk about Hong Kong, first time that comes to mind is shopping and eating. Hong Kongers have a high standard for food, the food and service industry also has to face a lot of competition because of the compact environment. Hong Kong is also a very diverse city, thus allowing to have lots of fusions and different styles of food. However, the authenticity of the Yue Cuisine never change. People will still always want the Dim Sum. I promise you that the Dim Sum you have here will be a mind blower. You’ll never have better Dim Sum anywhere else. They have precise cook time and cook temperature and they use the correct amount of ingredients. People even say the McDonald is one of the best in the world. If the food do not taste good, they will lose to competitors and eventually get kicked out by the heavy rental payments. Therefore, the authenticity and quality of food and service is extremely important. Last, a good app to download is OpenRice. It is the equivalent of Yelp in Hong Kong.