5 Luxury Yue Foods


Abalone is generally very expensive in China due to the very high demand from the rich people. The prices of Abalone varies depending on the caught location and size of the abalone. The cooking process can sometimes take days depending if the abalone was dried beforehand. Therefore, skyrocketing the prices of abalone.


Shark Fin

Shark Fin is used to be made into shark fin soup or stir fried shark fin. It is known to be a very luxurious dish in China. The shark fin prices also skyrocketed as shark are becoming more scarce and different regulations are preventing shark finning.



Lobster and Crab

Lobster and Crab or mainly seafood are known to be luxury items that people don’t eat everyday. Even though it is not as pricey as shark fins and abalone, it could still be fairly pricey for an everyday meal.




Sea Cucumber

Before sea cucumbers are sold, they are dried in order for it be preserved. Sea cucumbers are not as easy to obtain like other dried food such as vegetables, making them very pricey.




Swallow Bird Nest

It is known for the swallow bird nest to be good for health especially the lungs, kidney and stomach. It is pricey because not all swallow bird nests are edible except for the ones that the swiftlets make.


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