Yue Desserts

No one hates dessert. However, Yue desserts are different from western desserts. While western most desserts are sweets, such as: cakes, donuts, ice cream, etc., Yue desserts vary from Gao Dian and Hot and Cold Desserts. However, the most common dessert after a meal is Tong Sui. It is translated as “sugar water”. It is basically a sweet soup or custard that is served after dinner. The most popular Tong Suis that are being served are the red bean soup, sai mai lo, sweet potato soup, etc.

Other Desserts:

  • Gao Dian: Almond Jelly, Coconut bars, Nuomici, Red Bean Gao
  • Cold Desserts: Mango Jelly, Grass Jelly
  • Warm Desserts: Tong Sui, Tang Yuan, Dou Fu Hua, Egg Tarts

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