Unique Sweet Snacks

Put Chai Ko

These are red bean jelly cakes made with red beans, brown or white sugar and a bowl. They look like a giant lollipop. These are still very popular among kids nowadays.



Egg Puff Waffles – Egg waffles is one of the signature of Hong Kong street food. These used to just be egg puffs but due to the creativity of people it has evolved into all different kinds of flavors such as chocolate, matcha, taro, etc.






Egg Tarts

These are sold in bakeries and Dim Sum restaurants. It goes super well with Cantonese Milk Tea.






Dragon Beard Candy – These used to be a popular street food. They are hand crafted cotton candy with peanuts inside them. Even though you don’t see them on the streets anymore, you could find them during festivals or night markets.








These are the Yue version of America’s Rice Crispy Treats. They are less sweet but more sticky.





Haw Flakes

These were flakes bits made with Chinese hawthorn. It is popular to counter the bitter taste from Chinese Herbal Medicine.


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