Snacks that most kids that grew up in Yue countries will remember

Kowloon Dairy’s Mochi Ice – Under the influence of Japanese Culture, Hong Kongers came up with their own style of mochi ice cream.






White Rabbit Candy – These are sticky candies that would stick to your teeth when you eat it. The milk and creamy flavor made it popular amongst kids in Hong Kong. However, these candies were manufactured in Shanghai. Parents also loved to put these into the new year candy boxes.






Want Want Rice Cracters –  Want Want was a very popular snack that almost every kid in Hong Kong ate before, These were cheap and tasty snacks that parents packed for kids when they go to school. They advertisements were everywhere and always memorized by kids.








Orion Fish Crackers – These were the Yue version of America’s Goldfish. These were one of my favorites, especially the seaweed flavor.






Gem Biscuits –  These biscuits are popular due to the different colors on top of the biscuits. They are equivalent to the Animal Crackers that American kids eat.






Rock Chocolates – These chocolates were popular due to the fact that it looked like pretty rocks with different colors. Kids are always curious of what’s inside.


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