Popular Yue Tea

Tea is what Chinese people drink to accompany a meal. It has thousand years of history and has been drank even before the beginning of the dynasties. When you go to a Yue Cuisine, after you sat down, you always hear “what tea would you like to drink?”. This is like when you go to a American Restaurant and the server asking you what drink would you like. The are tons of tea leaves including black tea, yellow tea, green tea, oolong tea and jasmine tea out there but few popular ones that are shared amongst most Yue Cuisines are the Longjing Tea, Pu,er Tea, Tieguanyin Tea,  Xiangpian Tea, etc. These 4 are the most popular and a must have in Yue Cuisines.

  • Longjing Tea also means Dragon Well Tea. It is a type of green tea. This is the only type of tea that doesn’t go into the fermentation process.
  • Pu,er Tea is a fermented black tea, and the fermentation process is what makes it special. People believe it could mild down a heavy meal. It isn’t as popular for young ones as it is a stronger tea and has a bitter taste to it, however, lots of elders like to drink this tea.
  • Tieguanyin Tea is a type of oolong tea, the flavor taste like black/green tea combine but it is a lot milder than the Pu,er Tea.
  • Xiangpian tea is a premium jasmine tea, it has a sweet scent to it and lots of people like to drink it because it seems more mild.

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