Journey Back to Hong Kong

The main reason why most people and I love Hong Kong is because of the wonderful food. Even though there are tons of Cantonese food in the Bay Area, nothing beats the authenticity in Hong Kong. I was wondering why you could never find food as authentic in the Bay Area as you could in Hong Kong and came up with these few thoughts.


Sometimes when I dine at a Yue Cuisine in the Bay, it lacks the taste of home. In Hong Kong lots of places cook better quality food comparing to the Bay. Not just because one of the place of origin is Hong Kong, but because they think that foreigners have no expectations so the authenticity does not matter as much. Also literally food could be double the price of Hong Kong due to taxes and tips, so they could have less customers comparing to the high rent cost and keen competition in Hong Kong.
Not to mention, Hong Kongers have higher expectations on the food and customer service industry. The competition in the food industry itself allows this to happen so if your restaurant doesn’t taste good or isn’t cheap itself, it will be pretty empty.