Yue Cuisine Utensils

Most of the times when you go into a Yue cuisine, you find very different utensils on the table comparing to dining at a western or European cuisine. Mainly in Yue restaurants, you’ll find a pair of chopsticks and soup spoon on your utensil rack.


In the beginning, chopsticks were mainly used only for cooking. The earliest chopsticks found were made in bronze so that it could endure the high temperature of boiling water and oil. However, as time went by, Chinese population bloomed and people had to conserve resources. So in order to cook with less oil and resources, chefs chopped the food into small bits for easier cooking. Which made chopsticks a perfect utensil to use to eat with. Also Confucius said that the knife symbolizes violent which should not be allowed on the table, therefore chopsticks became the main utensil used across China.

For cheap production cost, most chopstick are made out of plastic/wood nowadays. They come in lengths around 12 to 16 inches and mostly the long and wood ones are used for cooking. Back in the day, chopsticks are made out of all kinds of materials; such as: bamboo, plastic, wood, bone, metal, jade, porcelain and ivory.

Soup Spoons:

Chinese soup spoons are often made out of ceramic. It is normally paired aside with the chopsticks. Chinese do not use this for eating, as their name suggested, its sole purpose is only for drinking the soup more elegantly.


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