What is Yue Cuisine?

Yue Cuisine is originated from Guangdong, the southern part of China. It is also known as the Cantonese Cuisine or Cantonese food. Yue Cuisine is one of the main four types of Chinese cooking. Unlike the other three types of Chinese food, Yue Cuisine tries to retain the origin flavor of the food instead of using tons of spices and sauces in the process of cooking the food. Foreigners are often astonished by the variety of animals used in Yue Cuisine. It varies from normal food like seafood to snake and century eggs. The century eggs definitely taste better than it looks. The variety comes from the different animals from the vase lands and coastlines.

Yue Cuisine mostly carries food that is mild and fresh. As mentioned above, Yue Cuisine tries to preserve the original flavor of foods, therefore, the main spices don’t carry strong flavors and instead of adding flavor to the food, spices are use to bring out the flavors from the food. Some of the popular main spices is sugar, ginger, chives, aniseed, coriander leaves, etc. Aside from spices, there are a few popular sauces to use, including: soy sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, rice vinegar, worcestershire sauce, Chinese cooking wine, etc.

The main cooking methods of Yue Cuisine is steaming and stir fried. Sometimes you will see braised, roast and boiling too. As you see steam and stir fried could be quite healthy and plain, but that’s the crucial part of bringing out the original flavor in Yue cooking. It is important to not overcook the food and not add too much seasoning.

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